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No pain but lots of gain: Laser Dentistry

Laser technology in Dentistry may sound new, but Dentists have been using this technology safely for many years. There have been many advances in Laser Dentistry, making it easier, safer and more effective.

So, what is laser dentistry?

Lasers use intense beams of light to provide multiple dental treatments. There are two different types of lasers used in dental work: hard tissue and soft tissue lasers. The hard tissue laser uses a wavelength that can be absorbed by the minerals found in teeth, allowing it to precisely cut through your teeth. Soft tissue lasers use a wavelength that is more easily absorbed by the water and other substances in your gums, making it ideal to kill bacteria and to perform procedures

Benefits of laser:

· Faster healing and tissue regeneration.

· Preservation of more of the natural tooth.

· Reduced bleeding during and after treatment.

· Reduced need for anaesthesia.

· Reduced need for stitches.

· Reduced risk of bacterial infections after procedures.

Some of the procedures dental lasers can assist with:

Tooth preparation - Lasers can decrease the use of the drill and help prepare the tooth for fillings

Reshaping soft tissue – Dental lasers can dissolve the soft tissue to expose more of the nature tooth; can help shape the gums to make your smile more attractive and remove any uncomfortable soft tissue under appliances or dentures

Frenectomy – Lasers can improve speech and the feeding habits of babies, children and adults by untying the tongue and lips

Tumor/ulcer/cold sore reduction – When benign tumors, ulcers or other soft tissue lesions have formed in the soft tissue areas of the mouth, a dental laser can completely remove them or help in healing them faster without causing pain.

Whitening – Lasers can greatly improve the tooth whitening process by increasing the activity of the particles in the bleaching solution.

Jaw pain – Lasers can assist in patients experiencing pain in temperomandibular joint

Need a laser dentist?

If you are someone who thinks they would benefit from using the services of a laser dentist, now is the time for you to make an appointment for more information. Laser dentistry is becoming more popular each day due to the many benefits this modern dental technology can offer. Please feel free to call us for more information or for an appointment.

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