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Root Canal Treatment – should I be scared?

Root canal treatment - most people hear these words and think PAIN. But in actual fact, root canal therapy relieves pain, and is highly effective in saving your natural tooth. Root canals are a very common treatment option. Having this treatment is not a scary experience, no matter what the old tales say. But what is a root canal? Who needs one and why? What can you expect?

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is a procedure that cleans and removes the nerves of a tooth. This is usually required when the nerves are inflamed and/or infected. This procedure is performed to remove the infection from the tooth as well to protect the tooth from further infection. Usually if a root canal is required, and is not performed, the tooth will have to be removed.

What causes a tooth to need a root canal?

There are many reasons for an infection occurring in the nerve tissues of the tooth. Some of the reasons include (but are not limited to):

· Severe decay to the tooth

· Trauma

· Large fillings

· Cracks or chips in the tooth

Do I need a root canal?

The signs and symptoms of a root canal most commonly include:

· Severe toothache, especially at night

· Very tender tooth – unable to touch or apply any pressure on the tooth

· Sensitivity to hot or cold, with a sensation that lingers on (even after the stimulus is removed

· An abscess – a pimple like lesion or a boil on the gum near the tooth that is hurting

· Darkening of the tooth

· Tender or swollen gum in the area

Do I need to remove my tooth to do a root canal?

No. The tooth remains in the mouth. The procedure simply involves the tooth being cleaned out on the inside.

Will the root canal require one appointment?

Multiple appointments are usually required for the procedure. The end result will include a rubbery material replacing the nerve tissues.

It is strongly recommended to have a crown placed on this tooth after the root canal is completed. The crown will support the weakened tooth and will ensure that the tooth can last longer.

Root canal therapy is a safe, effective treatment option and can help save your tooth.

To learn more about the procedure, or to enquire about your toothache, contact us at info@waterfalldental.co.za

Image from: https://www.aae.org/patients/root-canal-treatment/


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