• Dr Sonal Naran

The Terrific Tongue

When you read oral health articles, you are most likely reading about your gums and teeth. However, there is another incredible structure in your mouth - your tongue! Although your tongue is small in size, it is big in importance.

What does the tongue do?

The tongue is a muscle organ. It has thousands of taste buds which allow you to taste anything that enters your mouth. There are also nerve endings on your tongue that allow signals to be sent to your brain, thus allowing it to function. Your tongue also helps you chew, swallow and speak.

Keep your tongue clean!

Unfortunately, your tongue can have some downfalls. Bacteria can collect on your tongue, and cause various infections as well as bad breath. It is important to remember to brush your tongue daily to keep it clean and to avoid infections.

Did you know?

Some people can have an exceptionally large tongue. This is known as macroglossia. It can affect your ability to speak; swallow; chew; and can cause problems with your teeth.

These are just some of the amazing facts about your tongue, but there are many more interesting things about your tongue. One example is that the ability to roll your tongue is hereditary and that not everyone can do it!

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